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Making Kitty Dreams come True since 2006

One of the most Beautiful and Unique Lines of Cat Furniture ever Created. 

You can design your Tree to match your own Decor for an Exclusive Look. 

Create your One-of-a-Kind Cat Tree! Our Cat Trees are Handmade with a 100% Wood Frame and they are available in sizes 3' tall to 10' tall. 

There are all kinds of Upgrades and Add-ons for you to choose from, so you

can Design one to fit your Lifestyle. The possibilities of what you can create

are Endless......    Make your Kitties Feline's Fantasies Come True!​​

17 year anniversary for Fantasy Forest Cat Trees

​Hidden Hollow Cat Trees by ~A Fantasy Forest~

Cat Trees for Multiple Cats
Weirwood Fantasy Cat Trees
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  Fantasy Cat Trees

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Beautiful Cat Trees
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Beautiful Cat Trees
Beautiful Cat Trees
Beautiful Cat Trees
Fantasy Trees bring out your Cats Wild Side
Real Looking Cat Trees

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